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Problems Biographie d’Alexandre, gladiateur hispano arising from a lack or excess of moisture. Dry air in the room provokes increased loss of moisture through the skin and respiratory tract. This can lead to such unpleasant consequences as: a decrease in the elasticity of hair, nails and skin, accompanied by the appearance of microcracks, wrinkles, peeling, dermatitis; drying out of the mucous membrane of the eyes, the symptoms of which are itching, redness, a feeling of “sand”; thickening of the blood, leading to a slowdown in its circulation, weakness, headache, decreased performance, increased stress on the heart; an increase in the viscosity of gastric and intestinal juices, causing a slowdown in digestion; drying of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, the consequence of which is a weakening of local immunity and an increase in the frequency of acute respiratory viral infections; increase in the number of respiratory allergens in the atmosphere, which normally should be bound by droplets of liquid.

The main factor affecting room humidity is temperature. If you air the room in winter, the air will become fresher, but less humid.

Reduce air humidity:

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heating appliances;

air conditioning;

constant airing at outdoor temperatures below -10C

interior items, especially upholstered furniture, toys, carpets.

Any sources of water and steam increase air humidity:



wet linen;

containers with boiling water;

faulty water pipes and plumbing.

Permanent condensation on the Jumbo przedstawia kolekcję odzieży sportowej z projektantem José Jhanem windows indicates an increased level of humidity in the room.

The humidity rate in the room:

warm period – 30-60%, the maximum allowable – 65%.

cold period – 30-45%, the maximum allowable – 60%.

In young children, heat transfer processes are increased, so they are especially sensitive to non-compliance with microclimate parameters. The ideal humidity in the children’s room is 50-60%, and if the child is sick with SARS, it is recommended Qualité des stéroïdes anabolisants sur le marché noir 358 échantillons analysés not to lower below 60%.

Indirect signs of low humidity in the room are the drying out of the ends of the leaves of plants and electrical discharges emanating from synthetic clothing.

How to regulate air humidity?

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At any time of the year, normal air humidity in the apartment should be at least 40% and not higher than 65%.

Ways to reduce humidity:

frequent airing of rooms;

installation of exhaust fans;

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use of air conditioners and heaters;

serviceable pipes and plumbing;

refusal to dry clothes in the room;

How to increase the humidity in the room:

the presence of an aquarium or a decorative fountain;

minimal use of heater and air conditioner;

hanging wet towels on batteries;

periodic spraying of water from the spray gun;

use of an air humidifier;

regular wet cleaning;

considered normal

growing a large number of indoor flowers.

Humidity in the house is an important parameter that affects both the well-being of residents and interior items. Normally, this indicator ranges from 40 to 60%. It is especially important to monitor the Pharmakologie humidity in rooms where children spend most of their time, as well as people with respiratory diseases. It is convenient to use household humidifiers and dehumidifiers to adjust the moisture concentration in the air.

What is the danger of dry air for health?

If the air in the room is dry, then the “transportation” of oxygen to the circulatory system is difficult. As a result, a person constantly feels drowsiness and increased fatigue, while often not understanding where the poor health came from. When a person breathes dry air for a long time, his susceptibility to various infections increases, hence the appearance of a runny nose in the morning. Due to dry air, the nasal mucosa and bronchial tube cannot self-clean as effectively as with normal humidity air. As a result, the body is easily Hur mycket vet du om Ryssland 5 fakta du inte visste! (Del I) amenable to infections and various respiratory diseases. This is especially true for the smallest, whose immunity is weaker than in adults. It’s not in vain that even in the room of newborns it is recommended to hang wet clothes to make the air more humid.

Dry air is also harmful to skin health. When you are in a dry room for a long time, the skin becomes rubbery. The reason is that due to a lack of moisture, evaporation from the skin is accelerated. Therefore, it quickly becomes coarse and dry.

The simplest and most effective way to increase the body’s resistance to infections in dry rooms, as well as increase the firmness and healthy appearance of the skin, is drinking water. A few glasses of natural water per day give a large charge of energy to your body and increase immunity.





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