This game is again a home game and will be played in the Krollmann Arena.

According to Phoenix Hagen, the progress that the basketball player has made is documented there.

Would you like to know what Marco is currently doing and how is he? Then this evening at 7.30 p.m. the …

Posted by Phoenix Hagen on Monday, February 3, 2020

12:57 p.m.: Next game day for Phoenix Hagen

The next game for the firebirds is on Sunday at 5 p.m. This time it’s against the Uni Baskets Paderborn. This game is again a home game and will be played in the Krollmann Arena.

11 a.m .: U12.1 from SV Haspe 70 with a clear victory

Great success for the little basketball players from SV Haspe 70. The U21.1 scored a clear win over the weekend against the Baskets from Lüdenscheid. “Great go on!” writes the SV Hasoe 70 on its homepage. 

9.29 a.m.: VfL Eintracht Hagen votes for the Dragons game

As a supplement, VfL Eintracht Hagen has published the press conference with the votes of the coaches Mark Dragunski and Stefan Neff on the SGSH Dragons game. Here you can see the video in full length:

Good Morning! As an addendum, we have the press conference for you in the video with the votes for the game by coaches Mark Dragunski and Stefan Neff against SGSH DRAGONS. 🎥We wish everyone a good start to the week and hopefully see you on Friday in the Krollmann Arena! 🥳 # wirsindeintracht🔰 #hagen #heimspielwoche

Posted by VfL Eintracht Hagen on Sunday, February 2, 2020

8.18 a.m.: TSV Hagen 1860 defend third place

The fistball players from TSV Hagen 1860 won against Leichlingen and secured third place, which entitles them to participate in the German championship. The fistball players still have a crucial game ahead of them: the home game against Brettdorf on the weekend (February 8, 4 p.m.). In the event of a win, the DM qualification is certain. 

Homework done Against the Leichlinger Turnverein 1883 e. V. – Fistball department, the TSV Hagen 1860 team earned a sovereign 5: 1 in a high-class game. After the NRW duel we will answer our questions from defender Flo Strässer. The team thanks all helpers and spectators and hopes for at least the same support in a week 😉. A detailed report will follow.

Posted by TSV Hagen 1860 Faustball on Saturday, February 1, 2020

Monday, 7.27 a.m .: Good morning, Hagen!

Hello and welcome back in a new week at the sports live blog from Hagen. This week we will report again on everything that is important in local sports in Hagen. Nice to have you back.

For reading: This is how the last week of sports went in Hagen Local sports from Hagen: All sports news on one page Sources used: news agency sid news agency dpa

Homberg wants to end the black series of three defeats at Haltern. Last Saturday, TuS Haltern went empty-handed – 0: 4 against Borussia Dortmund U23. There was nothing to gain at the last league appearance when VfB Homberg had to admit defeat to TSV Alemannia Aachen with 0: 2 on their own facility. A goal made all the difference in the first leg. Haltern won 4: 3.

Note: This text was not written by a human, it was created automatically. For this purpose, data was used that was then processed by a service provider’s computer program to generate this text. You can find out exactly how this works here.

The host must, without a doubt, take care of his own defense. On average, the team conceded more than 2 goals per game. At home the TuS Haltern has not yet found the form: The eight points from eight games are a result that could be improved. So far, Magnus Niemöller’s team has won three points five times. In contrast, there are three draws and ten defeats.

The knot has not yet broken away: Homberg only got eight points. 19:41 – the goal difference of the guest speaks a more than clear language. After 21 matches, coach Stefan Janßen’s team have four wins, three draws and 14 defeats.argumentative essay topics college level

Both teams are in the same table region. Only three counters make the difference. On the basis of the card balance of both teams, a combat-oriented game can be expected in which the referees will have their hands full. VfB Homberg and Haltern have not shone very well lately, so that both of them only left the field as winners from the last five games.

In view of the comparable potential, it is difficult to predict which team will come out on top in the end.

Sources used: Media

Bomb threats were received by email in the afternoon against four Muslim communities in North Rhine-Westphalia. The police cleared and searched the mosques.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, another mosque was evacuated on Wednesday evening because of a bomb threat. The police announced early Thursday morning that a mosque in Bielefeld had also been threatened. On Wednesday afternoon, three bomb threats were received in mosques in Essen, Unna and Hagen, and the buildings were evacuated.

Arrests after raids: False police officers cheat victims by three million euros Missing for a year: Police have not given up on the search for Rebecca Dangerous shipments: Parcel bombs exploded in the Netherlands

In the evening, those responsible at the Bielefeld mosque noticed the anonymous threatening e-mail and informed the police, it said. The mosque was also evacuated; sniffer dogs found no explosives here either. The state security of the Bielefeld police determined.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The wholesale market at the Vorhaller Kreisel in Hagen has a new operator and will be renamed at the beginning of February. Ratio then becomes Handelshof. There is also an innovation for customers.

A well-known name will disappear from Hagen on February 3rd. The Ratio wholesale market is renamed and will be called Handelshof in the future. That reports the “WAZ”. The market was previously reserved for major customers from the catering and retail sectors. 

Little will change in this concept with the new name. What is new, however, is that in future customers can also be supplied from the wholesale market. Before that, they always had to pick up their purchases at the market.

Because of financial problems ?: ” Hans im Glück ” may be about to sell garbage on the street: Waste watchers sense garbage sinners on regional news: All the latest news from all cities

Handelshof, like Ratio, also belongs to the Edeka Group.

Sources used: “WAZ”: Hagen’s wholesale consumer market ratio becomes Handelshof

On Friday, SC Fortuna Köln will meet SV Lippstadt 08. The last appearance of Fortuna Köln was disappointing. In front of the home crowd it was a 3-0 defeat against Rot-Weiß Oberhausen. Last Saturday, Lippstadt remained without points on home territory due to the 2-0 defeat against Borussia Mönchengladbach U23. In the first leg, SC Fortuna Köln had the lead and recorded a 1-0 victory.

Note: This text was not written by a human, it was created automatically. For this purpose, data was used that was then processed by a service provider’s computer program to generate this text. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Winning on their own place is not one of the strengths of coach Thomas Stratos’ team this season. In any case, the home team performed rather poorly on their home turf (2-1-6). With 25 points from 19 games, Fortuna Köln is currently in the middle of the table. Especially at the front line, Fortuna Köln did not develop, so that only 16 goals were scored by SC Fortuna Köln. Seven wins and four draws stand against eight bankruptcies in the balance sheet of SC Fortuna Köln.

SV Lippstadt 08 undoubtedly have to take care of their own defense. On average, the team conceded more than 2 goals per game. With a return of only seven points so far, the away record of the team of coach Felix Bechtold could be improved. The guest occupies 16th place in the table with 16 points. 18:39 – Lippstadt’s goal difference speaks a more than clear language. SV Lippstadt 08 had four wins, four draws and eleven defeats from their previous games. In the last five games Lippstadt managed only one victory.

Fortuna Köln did not shy away from robust actions either. One gets the impression at least when looking at the card statistics, which show 52, ​​one and one red card.

SV Lippstadt 08 is facing a difficult task, after all, the previous season of SC Fortuna Köln has been significantly better than that of Lippstadt.

Sources used: Media

A body was found in a forest in Hagen on Saturday. How the man died is still completely unclear, said a police spokesman on Sunday. However, there is nothing to suggest violence. The “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” had previously reported. The criminal police have seized the body, but the identity of the man could not initially be clarified. An autopsy should now provide information.

Whether Phoenix Hagen or the many smaller sports clubs in the city: You can find all the information about sports in Hagen in our sports live blog.


6:38 p.m.: That was it for today from sport 6:15 p.m .: Jan Gaubatz from VfL Eintracht Hagen wants to get fit again 3:10 p.m .: BG Hagen wants to go into the playoffs 11:40 a.m .: Matchday for Eintracht Hagen 9:10 a.m .: Eintracht Hagen: ” We rely on the youth “Friday, 7.36 am: Good morning, Hagen!

6:38 p.m.: That’s it for today from the sport

At this point we say goodbye with the reports from the sport in Hagen. We wish you a nice evening and will report back on Monday.

6.15 p.m.: Jan Gaubatz from VfL Eintracht Hagen wants to get fit again

Jan Gaubatz from VfL Eitntracht Hagen asks himself three questions on Facebook. When asked what his big goal for 2020 is, he said that he wanted to get really fit again so that he could last longer. Because he wasn’t able to take part in the last games.

Before today’s home game we talked to Jan Gaubatz and asked him our three questions: 🎤 🗣 ▶ ️ …

Posted by VfL Eintracht Hagen on Friday, January 17, 2020

3.10 p.m.: BG Hagen wants to go to the playoffs

BG Hagen’s match against BSV Münsterland Baskets Wulfen is on Saturday. The opponent is strong, and according to “WAZ” both teams want to reach a place in the playoffs. The match should be anything but comfortable.

11.40 a.m.: Matchday for Eintracht Hagen

Tonight the team from VfL Eintracht Hagen will face the team Handball Lippe II at home in the Krollmann Arena.

🔥 Home match day Team Handball Augustdorf-Lemgo-Lippe 📍 Krollmann Arena ⏰ 7.30 p.m. 🗳 Tickets: …

Posted by VfL Eintracht Hagen on Friday, January 17, 2020

9.10 a.m.: Eintracht Hagen: “We rely on the youth”

At the last home game, four youngsters from the A youth team played for Eintracht at the same time. Against Lippe tonight, the team wants to bet on the combination again.

,,We rely on the youth. “For many clubs this is a popular saying, for Eintracht it is a big …

Posted by VfL Eintracht Hagen on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Friday, 7.36 a.m .: Good morning, Hagen!

Nice to have you back. The weekend is just around the corner and with it some exciting sporting events in Hagen.

This is how the sports Thursday went:

6.10 p.m.: That’s it for today!

We say goodbye and wish you a nice evening. Until tomorrow!

July 16: VfL Eintracht Hagen collects money for Andreas Tesch

The ex-handball player of VfL Eintracht Hagen, Andreas Tesch, suddenly died at the end of last year at the age of only 31. Now his ex-club wants to collect money for Tesch. A money box will be set up in the VIP room at the home game on Friday. There is also a money box in the foyer of the fan shop.

1:46 p.m.: VfL Eintracht Hagen in front of strong opponents

The first home game of the year for VfL Eintracht Hagen is on Friday. It’s against the HandbALL Lippe II team. According to a message from the Hagen club, the boys have “potential”. The game should therefore be exciting for the Hagen team.

11.45 a.m.: HC Rhein Vikings are insolvent

VfL Eintracht Hagen’s game against HC Rhein Vikings was supposed to be on April 25th. But nothing comes of it. As VfL announced on Thursday, HC Rhein Vikings has filed for bankruptcy. The team will be withdrawn from the third division. As a result, the table is also “turned around a bit”.

8.55 a.m.: Hagen United congratulates Andrej Soennecken

At the moment Andrej Soennecken is still struggling with knee problems. His team, Hagen United, for whom he plays in the first team, congratulates him on his 29th birthday and wishes him a speedy recovery.

+++Congratulations +++ We congratulate our managing director Passing and first team player Andrej …

Posted by Hagen United e.V. on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Thursday, 7.31 a.m .: Good morning!

Hello and welcome back to our sports live blog from Hagen.

This is how the sports Wednesday went:

6:07 p.m.: That’s it for today!

Thank you for your attention and look forward to being able to provide you with the latest news from sports in Hagen tomorrow.

5:01 p.m.: Tickets for VfL Eintracht Hagen’s home game are still available

Tickets are still available for the game on Friday between VfL Eintracht Hagen and Team Handball Lippe II, as the club announced on Facebook. 

💥First preliminary report in the new year💥❓ Why does Stefan Neff expect a RunGun game? ❓ Who is still hurt? ❓ Who is …

Posted by VfL Eintracht Hagen on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

3:04 p.m.: First home game for VfL Eintracht Hagen is on

On Friday, VfL Eintracht Hagen welcomes the Handball Lippe II team in the Krollmann Arena. During the game there should also be a minute’s silence for ex-player Andreas Tesch, who recently suddenly died at the age of 31.

1:50 p.m .: Photo shoot at Phoenix Hagen

A photo shoot with the players was held today in the Krollmann Arena in Hagen for the sedcards. 

Mr. Lodders, Mr. Spohr, Mr. Nolte and Mr. Baummann in the hayloft? What was happening there..