They say the best things in life are free, and Windscribe is one of them. We could actually use their VPN without paying anything, so long as we connected to servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Romania, Norway, Switzerland, or Hong Kong. For the rest of their more than 40 countries, the cost starts at just $9 a month or $49 a year, which comes out to $4.08 a month.

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  • –We recommend you avoid VPN services while in this country.
  • –No, you shouldn’t use VPN services while in this country, as this could lead to severe consequences.
  • Finally, these are the countries that have banned VPN services.
  • To stay on the safe side, avoid VPN services in those countries.
  • Then, we have those countries that strictly regulate the use of VPN services.
  • This means that using VPNs in these countries is considered a criminal activity.

All in all, Windscribe won’t break the bank no matter which option you go with. Windscribe is one of the only VPNs we’ve reviewed with a double hop, which means that our web traffic was encrypted multiple times as opposed to once. It performed really well on our Vivobook, plus, there’s a free option in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and other places.

This was a lot better than the alternative, although we had to reopen the windows that were “killed”. But when we were downloading large files and didn’t want to be interrupted even if the VPN failed, we simply turned the kill switch off. While we only connected to Surfshark from the good old U.S of A, they have options in over 60 countries, from Vietnam to Albania. In the U.S, there are servers in over 20 cities, including L.A, Chicago, Dallas, Boston; you get the picture.

However, only servers in the U.S and U.K allow for Netflix use; well that worked for us, those outside of these countries shouldn’t choose Windscribe if they’re looking to Netflix and chill. Most VPN plans are targeted at individuals, but Tunnelbear also has an option for teams, with discounted prices per user. Compared to the price per user in the monthly plan, the team price per user is only $5.75 a month compared to $9.99. If you opt to pay yearly, that price is only $69 per user, making Tunnelbear a hotspot shield vpn great option for either businesses or even families. All paid plans include unlimited data on up to five devices per user, which was more than enough for us personally.

Tunnelbear’s free subscription option gave us 500 MB of data on five different devices. While this wasn’t enough data for us to watch TV or listen to music, it certainly did the job for our basic web browsing, and if we wanted to upgrade, there were affordable monthly and yearly plans. With the yearly plan, we would’ve gotten an unlimited amount of data across five devices for only $59.88, or $4.99 a month if you break it down monthly. Plus, we love the fact that a third party has audited Tunnelbear, as it means they’re serious about their no-logging policy. We’re constantly on public Wi-Fi networks on our iPhones, so we liked connecting to IPVanish from their iOS app.

A Beautifully Designed Network Scanning App That Is Intuitive And Nice To Look At It

Connecting was super easy and intuitive, and we didn’t experience any bugs or glitches. Other IPVanish iPhone-users seemed to agree with us, as the app has a 4.5 rating from over 42,000 reviews.

While a kill switch doesn’t sound pleasant, it’s actually a pretty essential part of a VPN. We used IPVanish at the library one day, and when the VPN failed, all of our Web windows were closed automatically, ensuring that our IP address and web traffic weren’t exposed.