Masteron side effects, price and reviews Masteron side

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The drug is produced in ampoules of 50 and 100 mg

The steroid is in high demand among athletes and bodybuilders. It helps to maintain muscle mass, strength during individual training cycles, namely “drying”. In their sports practice, it is often used by athletes, weightlifters, whose goal is to maintain a weight category, but at the same time not increase their body weight.

The drug is extremely popular in bodybuilding. This is because it does not promote accumulation fluidulation and has a moderate diuric effect. This allows for a more beautiful muscle definition. Most often, Masteron is taken a couple of weeks before the competition. The drug helps to get the maximum drawing of the muscles, due to the fact that it has a fat burning effect. Masteron course can remove fat mass in the amount of 7% of the initial value.

Masteron side effects

If we talk about side effects, then it can cause aggression, acne, prostate hypertrophy, baldness, virilization in women. But it also has a low anabolic index, and therefore burns fat well. There was a case that at the Olympic Games all the gold went to athletes from Germany in the swimming discipline. It was later proved that before and during promifen the Olympic Games, athletes used a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, most likely Masteron. When the athletes were interviewed, one journalist wondered why the athletes had a low voice, and he asked them this question, to which they replied that they had come here not to sing, but to swim..

Masteron has no side effects such as fluid retention in the body, an increase in blood pressure, and, positively, it has low liver toxicity..

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Masteron course

The best effect from the use of the drug will be achieved while taking 400 mg per week. It is better not to allow an increase in dosage, as it can lead to a pause in progress or a general deterioration in health. In other words, there will be no progress from increasing the dosage. It should be noted that propionate has a short chain, so it should be administered 3 times a week, or alternated every other day..

What oxandrolone for sale you can use Masteron with

Due to its unique similarity to androgen receptors and properties, it is best to be used with steroids such as Oxandrolone, Winstrol. The latter interacts to a lesser extent with androgens, reduces the concentration of globulin, which is why the combination will be the best expression in a synergistic effect during “drying”.

Masteron side effects, price and reviews Masteron course

If the goal is to gain mass, then the best combination would be Masteron + Testosterone propionate, but in this case, the production of its own testosterone suffers, which can lead to complete dysfunction of the gland that produces it, but this is rare. The use of gonadotropin can help to avoid this. You can also combine Trenbolone or Boldenone with Masteron.

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Masteron price

The price of Masteron on the Internet varies from 2500 to 3000 rubles per 100 ml bottle. 100 mg ampoules are sold separately for 350-400 rubles.

Masteron reviews

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Reviews about Masteron are very diverse, but most athletes respond positively about this steroid and recommend it for better tracing, hardness, and muscle definition. It is not advisable for women to take Masteron due to the risk of virilization

Reviews about Masteron speak of it as a good fat burner, especially if used in combination with drugs that compensate for androgenic effects (Oxandrolone, Winstrol). As for the Masteron solo course, exceeding the recommended dosages is likely to lead to side effects..

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